2016年香港億萬人起動為革命Rise4Revolution: One Billion Rising Revolution HK 2016

#Rise4Revolution: One Billion Rising Revolution HK 2016



More than a thousand women from migrants, workers and students groups joined together for a successful One Billion Rising Revolution in Hong Kong with playwright Eve Ensler and international artist Monique Wilson, yesterday, February 21.

昨日(21/2),過千名女性移居人士、婦女勞工和女學生,以及劇作家伊芙·恩斯勒(Evie Ensler)與國際藝人莫尼克·威森(Monique Wilson),參加了香港億萬人起動為革命。

They listened to problems confronting women from all sectors in Hong Kong; they danced, and; they called for a revolution to change the system that subjects women – especially those in the oppressed and exploited classes and sectors – to economic, political, social and cultural violence.


Poverty, marginalisation, social exclusion, discrimination and abuses were the main issues the OBR Revolution in HK tackled.


The whole day event consisted of a build-up/practice segment in the morning followed by a press conference where Ensler and Wilson sat with representatives of migrant workers, local women workers and students.


A parade around Central where migrants congregate then ensued where the marchers stopped in key areas to speak and dance.


In the afternoon, the main program was held at Edinburgh place where the “risers" expressed commitment to advance the revolution that will fully and finally eliminate violence that women everywhere face.


Below is the statement of the AMCB for the day, some photos, and links to videos


One Billion Rising for Revolution 2016 Hong Kong – Press Conference

2016年香港億萬人起動為革命 – 記者招待會


One Billion Rising for Revolution 2016 Hong Kong – Parade

2016年香港億萬人起動為革命 –  巡遊


One Billion Rising for Revolution 2016 Hong Kong – dance

2016年香港億萬人起動為革命 – 舞蹈



Press Statement


21 February 2016


From Hong Kong to home country, women migrants live and work under violent conditions


Violence against women (VAW) has reached new heights; and it will require a revolution to pull it down. We dance, we rise, we strike against VAW.


The Asian Migrants Coordinating Body (AMCB-IMA-HK) joins women and men all over the world calling for decisive actions to eliminate all forms of VAW. Together with renown playwright Eve Ensler and international artist Monique Wilson who are both women activists, Asian women migrants are one with our sisters and brothers in the One Billion Rising Revolution – Hong Kong.

亞洲移居人士聯盟(AMCB-IMA-HK)連結世界各地的女性與男性,要求果斷行動,消除所有暴力對待婦女的行為。在香港億萬人起動為革命裡,亞洲女性移工和我們的姊妹、兄弟們,連同著名劇作家伊芙‧恩斯勒(Evie Ensler)和國際藝人莫尼克‧威森(Monique Wilson)此兩位女性行動者,都是團結一致、同氣連枝的。

Asian women migrants experience violence in our living and working conditions.


According to the Mission for Migrant Workers (MFMW), one of the foremost charitable service institution for migrants in distress in Hong Kong, their migrant clients for 2014 alone reached more than 4000. This means that everyday, 11 Asian women experience violence in various forms including physical and sexual, and economic such as deprivation of rightful wage or exploitative practices of recruitment agencies. This is from the cases of one migrant service NGO alone.


Violence against women migrants exists and persists because policies of the Hong Kong government  set the stage for Asian women migrants to experience exclusion, exploitation, oppression and abuses.


The Two-Week Rule or New Conditions of Stay forces women migrants to endure ill-treatment just so they can cling on to their job. The mandatory live-in arrangement, meanwhile, opens the floodgates for abusive working conditions such as long working hours, imposition of curfew, provision of substandard sleeping setup and denial of privacy.


Recruitment agencies, on their part, extract monstrous profits from migrants through various schemes that enable them to charge much higher fees than what is required by HK laws or laws of the governments of sending countries. This pushes many migrants to be heavily indebted.


Thus we have the likes of Erwiana whose case became a picture of the slavery of women domestic workers. We have Elis whose death under the roof of her recruitment agency still has not achieved the justice that she deserves.


But for women migrant workers, the worst violence is our forced displacement and separation from our families and loved ones in our home country. Due to the systemic problems that deny us the opportunity for decent living, we are mothers, sisters, and daughters who were exported by our government for our cheap labor that then made us experience hardships and marginalization overseas.


Such a condition of violence even leads to extreme acts such as suicide for some migrants. In January this year, three suicides of Asian women migrants were reported allegedly due to personal an economic difficulties.


We know that we are not alone in this experience. More importantly, we know that we are not alone in fighting to end the condition that forces numerous women to migrate and suffer under even the most extreme forms of violence,


It is why Asian women migrants dance, rise and strike. It is why we are part of the One Billion Rising Revolution.#



Asian Migrants’ Coordinating Body (AMCB)


a member of the International Migrants Alliance (IMA)


c/o APMM, No. 2 Jordan Road,

Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR

Tel no(s): (852) 3156-24472314-7316

Fax no: (852) 2735-4559

E-mail: amcb.hk@gmail.com



Association of Sri Lankans in Hong Kong (ASL-HK)


Association of Indonesian Migrant Workers in Hong Kong (ATKI-HK)


Far-East Overseas Nepalese Association – Hong Kong (FEONA-HK)


Filipino Migrant Workers’ Union (FMWU-HKCTU)


Friends of Thai – Hong Kong (FOT-HK)


Indonesian Migrants Muslim Alliance (GAMMI)


Indonesian Migrant Workers’ Union (IMWU)


League of Indonesian Migrant Workers (LiPMI)


Overseas Nepali Workers’ Union (ONWU)


Thai Regional Alliance (TRA-HK)


United Filipinos in Hong Kong (UNIFIL-MIGRANTE-HK)

菲律賓人聯會—香港(UNIFIL – MIGRANTE – HK)

United Indonesians Against Overcharging (PILAR)



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