Migrants’ Pride March 移工驕傲日遊行邀請

We, from different LGBT and advocates Filipino association in HK will organize the 2nd Migrants’ Pride March this November 27, from 2-4 pm for a short program in Chater Road Central, the 4-5 pm the Pride Parade along central that will end up in City Hall Edinburgh place

我們是一群來自不同菲律賓LGBT組織和倡議團體的人,今年我們將於11月27日舉辦第二屆移工同志驕傲遊行。 當日下午2至4時,在中環遮打道會有一些表演節目;到了4至5時,隊伍會在中環沿路巡遊,最後在香港大會堂對出的愛丁堡廣場結束。

This year’s Pride March aims to promote the contribution of Lesbian Gay & Transgender (LGBT) in HK community, at the same time highlights the struggles of LGBT against any form of discrimination and exclusion and call for Justice. This year theme is “Rise with Pride, Rise for Justice”.

今年的移工同志驕傲遊行旨在促進女同性戀(lesbian)、男同性戀(gay)、雙性變性者(bi-sexual)和跨性別人士(transgender) (LGBT) 對香港的貢獻,同時強調 LGBT 反抗任何形式的歧視和排斥,並呼籲正義。今年的主題是“帶着驕傲起動,起動尋求正義”。

Migrants’ Pride March was first launched in November 2015 to promote the rights and welfare of LGBT migrants in the community, a call to stop violence against women, fight for equality and against homophobia and discrimination. There were almost 500 participants in its .

移工的驕傲日於去年11月首次發起, 旨在促進社群內LGBT移工的權利和福祉,呼籲制止對婦女的暴力,為平等而爭取,抵抗恐同與歧視。現時有近500名參與者參與其中。

For more information, please call

Ivan-94435288 Filipino Lesbian Organization
Mhae-98521642 Filguys- Gabriela Hk
Shiela-90131542 Gabriela HK

facebook event : https://is.gd/s4tqzh

The Migrants Pride March is organized by:

Gabriela Hong Kong; Filipino Lesbian Organization,(FILO) Filguys-Gabriela HK, Asian Migrant’s Coordinating Body (AMCB) and the International League of People Struggle (ILPS HK & Macau).]

facebook event : https://is.gd/s4tqzh



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