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區域法院最近就印傭被前僱主弟弟在2011年侵犯後索償的案件頒下判辭,協助事主爭取賠償的外勞事工中心(The Mission For Migrant Workers , MFMW)對此表示歡迎。

事主早前鼓足勇氣,到外勞事工中心尋求協助。在展開訴訟期間,外勞事工中心為事主提供支援及保護,包括安排她到中心的庇護所Bethune House暫住,讓她得以療養,感受朋輩的支持及鼓勵,從而令她下定決心,向被告申索賠償。




11 January 2017

To Editors/ Assignment Editors (Local News/ Court News)

A picture of firmness and determination

The Mission For Migrant Workers (MFMW) celebrates the result of the court case of an Indonesian domestic worker against the brother of her former employer who raped her in 2011. After mustering enough courage, she came to the Mission for assistance to seek redress.

The MFMW provided her with the necessary support and protection during the course of the legal battle against the perpetrator of the crime. She was provided shelter at the Bethune House where she underwent a process of healing, peer support and empowerment that solidified her resolve.

In the course of her case, she was a picture of firmness and determination.

Despite all the sexual abuse and degradation of human dignity that she suffered, she proved that victims of abuse and exploitation could confront the situation and stand firm to attain justice.

We celebrate with her and her story will continue to inspire us to pursue our services to those who are in distress alongside our aims to empower foreign domestic workers as individuals and as community, as well as contribute to making Hong Kong a safe place to work and live for all migrant workers.


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