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“Working hours policy framework" is FAKE! No to Exclusion!

After years of “consultation" and “research", HK Government announced a “framework" of working hours policy today. The framework, as a new policy on working hours regulation, only protect workers who earn less then HKD11,000. Meanwhile, it is just to require employer to have written contract with employees which include terms of working hours and overtime pay. However, there’s no regulations on standard hours of work, as well as maximum working time.

On the other hand, government also told that such regulations are not applied to live-in domestic workers, same as minimum wages ordinance. Once again, government exclude domestic workers in new labor regulations.


//Live-in domestic workers include foreign domestic workers and local 24-hour post-natal caretakers. These local and Southeast Asian women both pay after their effort for Hong Kong’s economy. The post-natal caretakers assist the mothers in their time after giving birth, foreign domestic workers provide chance for many women to work outside home. The value of domestic work is always underestimated, but it does not mean that we deserve worse working condition than other jobs.//

(Quoted from FADWU POST MAYDAY Edition: )


The framework is quoted as follow:…/gener…/201706/13/P2017061300838.htm
(1) to adopt a monthly wage line of not exceeding $11,000 for defining the “lower-income grass-roots employees", and legislate to mandate employers to enter into written employment contracts with working hours and overtime (OT) compensation terms with these lower-income grass-roots employees;

(2) to use the same wage line in (1) above for defining the lower-income grass-roots employees who shall be entitled to statutory OT compensation by way of OT pay at a rate no less than the rate of the agreed wages (Note), or the equivalent time off in lieu;

(3) to make use of the Labour Advisory Board (LAB) as a platform for employer and employee representatives to thrash out the implementation arrangements and review the effectiveness of the SWHC’s recommendations after two years of implementation of the proposed legislative measures;

(4) to draw up 11 sector-specific working hours guidelines through the Labour Department’s industry-based tripartite committees; and

(5) to introduce supportive measures to enhance public understanding of working hours policy and make preparation as per the request of the LAB in monitoring the effectiveness of the SWHC’s recommendations.

The proposed legislative measures in (1) and (2) above shall not cover persons to whom the Employment Ordinance (Chapter 57) (EO) and the Minimum Wage Ordinance (Chapter 608) do not currently apply.


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