We, members of migrant organisations, local and international human rights and justice advocates in Hong Kong,manifest our solidarity with the Filipino people against the rising tyranny and dictatorship of Philippine Pres.Rodrigo Duterte.




Instead of meaningful change that could uplift millions of Filipinos from poverty and destitution, we see the intensification of repression of Filipinos who demand land, decent jobs, justice, human rights and lasting peace.




We see how President Duterte unleashes the armed forces against the poor in both rural and urban areas; how he uses Martial Law in Mindanao and the phantom threat of terror to hold the country in an ironclad grip, and; how he and his allies twist processes and laws to suit their ends and crush criticisms and defiance.


我們看到杜特爾特總統如何在農村和城市動用武裝力量對付貧苦大眾; 如何在棉蘭老島實施戒嚴以及誇大恐怖主義的陰霾,以便他進行鐵腕管治; 他和他的盟友如何扭曲程序和法律來迎合他們的目的,並打壓批評和反對的聲音。


Fake “war on terror” and “war on drugs” targeting activists and the poor

The recent fake “terrorist listing” of more than 600 people subjects human rights defenders, activists and indigenous people to harassment and prosecution while opening the floodgates for arbitrary arrests of anyone. We see it as a rehash of old Marcosian tactics and a veiled attempt to sow fear among those critical of the government’s anti-poor, neoliberal and pro-oligarch policies.





More than 13,000 mostly poor Filipinos – including children of OFWs – have been reportedly executed in thebloody war on drugs, while big drug lords and those implicated in drug trade including the President’s eldest son, Kerwin Espinosa, Peter Lim and others are allowed to go scot-free.


據報,在血腥的毒品戰中,已有13,000多名貧窮的菲律賓人 – 包括海外菲律賓移工的子女 – 被處死。但包括總統的長子Kerwin Espinosa、Peter Lim等毒梟和涉及毒品交易的人,卻繼續逍遙法外。


Martial law and militarization of Mindanao


Intensifying militarisation, harassment, bombardments, and political killings continue to victimise peasants, Lumad and other indigenous people under the Duterte government’s counter-insurgency program Oplan Kapayapaan especially where mining, big plantations and energy projects are located. Solidarity missions to ascertain human rights situations in the ground have faced harassments, surveillance and threats to hide people’s condition especially under Martial Law in Mindanao island.




軍事行動、騷擾、轟炸和政治殺戮越演越烈,農民、棉蘭老島原住民和其他受杜特爾特政府的反暴亂計劃(Oplan Kapayapaan)影響的原住民繼續成為受害者,尤其是在礦場、大型種植園和能源項目的所在地。然而,執行團結支援任務的人到當地調查人權情況時,卻遭到騷擾、監視和威脅,政權試圖掩飾棉蘭老島的人民在戒嚴中面對的困境。


Silencing and harassment of critics; attempt to concentrate executive power by Charter Change


We see the hand of the President in the prosecution of critics of his government – the Chief Justice, theOmbudsman, members of legislative bodies, and journalists. Meanwhile, human rights defenders and peace activists are arrested and jailed based on fabricated charges and planted evidences.



我們看到總統正起訴政府的批評者 – 包括首席大法官、申訴專員、立法機構議員和記者。 同時,維權和社運人士則基於捏造的指控和證據被逮捕和入獄。


We stand with those opposing moves to concentrate power on the hands of President Duterte through Charter Change and shift to federalism. With Duterte taking the path of tyranny to force his policies that benefit only the few, amending the Constitution as proposed by Duterte and his cohorts will only lead to worse attacks on people’s rights.


這些人反對杜特爾特總統透過變革憲章及轉向聯邦制將權力集中,我們支持他們。 隨著杜特爾特走上暴政之路,他的政策只有少數人獲益。因此,如果杜特爾特及其盟友所提出的憲法修訂獲得通過,定必會對人權狀況做成更大的災難。


Broken promises to migrant Filipinos in Hong Kong


Even Filipinos in Hong Kong are not spared from the failures of the government to deliver on promises of change as issues as the abolition of the OEC, state exaction and government neglect, terminal fee and overpriced passports still remain. To the dismay of Filipinos in Hong Kong, the Duterte government even sacked an official of the Philippine Consulate in Hong Kong who has fought against illegal recruiters and human traffickers.






Stalling the peace process


While we welcome the recent call to resume the peace talks between the GRP and the NDFP, we remain cautious of the flip-flopping of Pres. Duterte on the peace process. If he is truly for genuine and lasting peace, he should set aside all the preconditions imposed by his secretary of National Defense and other militarists in the cabinet, and resolutely affirm the necessity to address the root-causes of armed conflict in the Philippines. The Comprehensive Agreement on Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law (CAHRIHL) should be implemented to the letter while negotiations for Comprehensive Agreement on Socio-Economic Reforms (CASER) should proceed to its fruition.




最近,菲律賓政府呼籲與菲律賓國家民主前線重啟和平談判,雖然我們對此表示歡迎,但我們仍對杜特爾特朝令夕改的態度保持審慎。如果他誠心希望帶來真正和持久的和平,他便必須先擱置由國防部長和其他在內閣的強硬派所訂下的所有先決條件,並堅決地解決菲律賓武裝衝突的根源。 同時,嚴格落實「人權與國際人道主義法全面協定」(CAHRIHL),以及就「社會經濟改革全面協議」(CASER)展開磋商。


On the occasion of Pres. Duterte’s visit to Hong Kong, we register our strongest protest against the Duterte’s rising tyranny and dictatorship. Together with the Filipino people, we stand on the side of human rights, justice, peace, freedom and genuine democracy.


因此,我們藉杜特爾特訪港之際,向杜特爾特的暴政和獨裁統治表達最強烈的抗議。 我們與菲律賓人民一起,站在人權、正義、和平、自由和真正民主的一邊。


Thirty-two years ago, the Filipino people supported by overseas Filipino compatriots, solidarity groups and theinternational community succeeded in getting rid of a dictator. We can, and will, do it again. ###


三十二年前,菲律賓人民得到海外菲律賓同胞、團體和國際社會支持,成功推翻了獨裁者。 我們可以,也即將,再一次實現這目標。###




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