齊撐白恩逢之家 讓受害移工有瓦遮頭


每件 $120

$120 each,support Bethune House

idea from the Philippines word “bayanihan", meaning the community spirit.


//經營這樣的庇護所,租金、水電、支付護照續期的費用、交通費、飲食、準備營救行動、醫藥費、聘請職員,Edwina說,庇護所一個月最少需要十二萬經費。新年的時候,由於失去了一位主要的捐助者,他們辦了一次「 一人一利是,拯救白恩逢之家!」籌款活動。可是,現在白恩逢之家的財政仍然岌岌可危,目前的資金夠他們用到四月至五月,現在他們需要再籌募最少半年的開支才到達安全線。// (節錄自:惟工新聞:支援受虐外傭三十載 庇護所面臨財困 恐下月倒閉


1. 支票抬頭 The Bethune House Migrant Women’s Refuge, Ltd.
,並郵寄至香港中環花園道4-8號聖約翰座堂 ,MFMW Limited。
2. 直接存入恆生銀行帳戶#284-8-241309,The Bethune House Migrant Women’s Refuge, Ltd
3. 親自前往香港中環花園道4-8號聖約翰大教堂MFMW有限公司捐款
4. 眾籌網頁 https://www.youcaring.com/thebethunehousemigrantwomensrefug…

Our print-making group had prepared some hand printing t-shirt and poster for fund-raising on May day, to support Bethune House which provides shelter for migrant domestic workers who were abused by their employer or are waiting for labour dispute case to process. The shelter has been here taking care of the wounded community for over 30 years.

//the cost of running a shelter like this is at least HKD120,000 a month. This includes rent, utility bills, fees for extending visas, transportation, food, preparation for rescue actions, medical treatment, and hiring staff. At the beginning of this year, Bethune House lost one of its main donors. They organized a fundraising event, “Save Bethune House with your Red Pockets.” However, the shelter is still threatened by bankruptcy. Currently they only have reserve for expenses of up to five months. It needs at least a reserve to run for half a year to be safe. // (https://wknews.org/node/1705

We’ll be in Victoria Park at 2pm for the fund-raising, then we’ll join the march in solidarity of all workers. If power and oppression is everywhere, we shall then knit together a wider and stronger safety net to catch anyone who doesn’t know when one would fall into. Hope to see you there!
You can also support Bethune House by donating through the following methods:

1. If paying by check, please make payable to The Bethune House Migrant Women’s Refuge, Ltd., and send it to MFMW Limited at St. John Cathedral, 4-8 Garden Road, Central, Hong Kong.
2. Deposit into the bank account #284-8-241309 at Hang Seng Bank, The Bethune House Migrant Women’s Refuge, Ltd
3. Go to MFMW Limited at St. John Cathedral in person.
4. online fundraiser https://www.youcaring.com/thebethunehousemigrantwomensrefug…


Crowdfunding to support our Shelter! 一人一利是,拯救白恩逢之家!


白恩逢之家目前的財務狀況非常緊張。作為移民女工的庇護所,白恩逢之家現時的資金只能支持至今年3月底。 眾籌活動鼓勵大眾分享他們在新年收到的(紅包)利是,並捐贈以支持白恩逢之家。



最近,我們失去了一個主要的資助者。以目前的財政狀況,我們只能滿足居明最基本的需要至到3 月底。白恩逢之家包括兩個庇護所,每月需要12萬港元的租金,食物,水電和其他需求,例如個人衛生,醫療需要,簽證延期的費用以及在案件發生期間的交通費及和文件等。法律禁止外籍家庭傭工在簽證延期時有任何形式的就業機會,因此必須完全依靠慈善機構的幫助讓她們留在香港並處理案件。



$ 130將支持1位居民一天*

(1)支票抬頭 The Bethune House Migrant Women’s Refuge, Ltd.
,並郵寄至香港中環花園道4-8號聖約翰座堂 ,MFMW Limited。
(2)直接存入恆生銀行帳戶#284-8-241309,The Bethune House Migrant Women’s Refuge, Ltd


————————————————– —–


Why: Current finances of the Bethune House, a community-supported emergency shelter for women migrant domestic workers, can only support the shelter until APRIL this year

What: Crowdfunding event to encourage people to save their Red Packets in CNY and donate to save our shelter

Target: Raise HKD $ 1,000,000 (equal to 8 months expenses of the Bethune House)

(1)What is the Bethune House?
Bethune House is a community-supported emergency shelter providing food, and other forms of assistance to enable migrant women in crisis to seek justice and achieve empowerment. At any given month, we are home to up to 30 women domestic workers.

(2)Why do we need to be crowdfunded?:
Bethune House, with two shelters, needs to raise HK$120,000 each month for rent, food, utilities, and other needs of our residents, such as personal hygiene, medical requirements, visa extension fee, and transportation and documentation for the duration of their cases.

Women domestic workers in our shelters are forbidden by law to have any form of employment and thus, have to totally rely on charity to keep them in Hong Kong while they wait for the resolution of their grievances.

Recently, we lost one of our major funders; our financial situation is very dire. Current finances enable us to provide only the bare minimum for our residents until APRIL this year.

(3)What are we asking from you?

We know that the Lunar New Year is coming and it is a time to pray for blessings and luck in the coming year. Meanwhile, we are hoping that there will be blessings for women migrant workers who are in distress this year and in the future. Please, share the Red Packets that you have received in order to Save Our Shelter.

Any amount that you can donate to our shelter will surely help:

$130 will support 1 resident for a day*
$1,000 can support 1 client for a week*
$3,900 to support 1 client for a month*
$500 will feed residents in both shelters for a day

To crowd-fund:
(1) By cheque payable to The Bethune House Migrant Women’s Refuge, Ltd. and mail to the MFMW Limited, St. John’s Cathedral, 4-8 Garden Road, Central, HK
(2) By direct deposit to Hang Seng Bank S/A number #284-8-241309, The Bethune House Migrant Women’s Refuge, Ltd
(3) Walk-in to donate in person at MFMW Limited, St. John’s Cathedral, 4-8 Garden Road, Central, HK

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