LGBT migrants in HK calls for workers’ living wage and LGBT rights on their 5th Migrants Pride March 在港LGBT移工社群於第五屆移工嬌傲日要求設立生活工資及LGBT權益

Migrant LGBT organizations in Hong Kong, supporters from local groups, and other migrants organizations gathered 1st of September with high spirits for their upcoming Migrants Pride March on 10 November 2019 in Chater Road, Central with the theme ‘Pride is for Living Wage, Rise with Pride for Change!’

Now on its fifth year, HK Migrants Pride will be launching events for education and campaigns to raise awareness on calls and concerns of the LGBT community. Last Sunday, September 1, the organizers kicked off the celebration through conducting an LGBT survey to determine their working conditions and LGBT concerns. Also, there will be a “Pride Hour” at 3pm every Sunday starting on October 6 in major converging points of migrant communities. LGBT migrants will also join the September 15 rally on wage. LGBT migrants are some of the active participants in the fight for living wage and better living conditions.

With this year’s theme, HK Migrants Pride aims to highlight migrant domestic workers’ call for living wage and changing social concerns that perpetuates discrimination and exclusion in society, according to the organizers.

‘With 380,000 migrant domestic workers (MDWs), it was never clear how the minimum allowable wage (MAW) was reviewed and implemented every year despite efforts of the Asian Migrants’ Coordinating Body on their calls for transparency on the calculation of wage. MDWs who are playing a major role in HK economy, and each and every household we serve, are among the lowest earners. Aside from that, many of them work 24/7 and are not ensured decent accommodation. It is high time to call for living wage, a significant wage hike (HK$5894) and transparency of its computation’, said Shiela Tebia-Bonifacio of Gabriela Hong Kong and one of HK Migrants Pride organizers.
香港移工嬌傲日其中一位組織者,Gabriela Hong Kong 的Shiela Tebia-Bonifacio 提出,就有約380,000人口的移民家務工(移工)來說,即使亞洲移住人士聯盟不斷地要求需公開及透明化處理她們的最低可接受工資的計算及調整機制,但始終未獲得政府正面回應。移工們除了對香港經濟有所貢獻外,更服務了許多家庭的需要,但她們卻是最低收入的勞動者之一。除此以外,她們許多都需,每天二十四小時,每周七天候命,及沒被提供合理的住宿休息空間。現在正是洽當時刻去爭取生活工資,及顯著待工資調升(港圓5,894)及公開該調整機制。

Nick Delfin, another organizer from Filipino Lesbians Organization or FILO, added that exclusion of MDWs from important labour laws such as the Statutory Minimum Wage put all MDWs, including LGBT migrants, in a condition vulnerable to abuses and exploitation.
另一位組織者, Filipino Lesbians Organization或FILO的 Nick Delfin補充了,把移工排除於如法定最低工資的重要勞工保障之外,把包括LGBT移工的整體移工置於一個易受侵犯及剝削的處境。

‘This vulnerability is doubled among us LGBT migrants as we face discrimination and stereotypes that impact our work and living conditions’, Delfin remarked.

‘Together, we are PRIDE! We demand living wage and we continue our fight to end discrimination and social exclusion! We still have a lot to struggle as LGBT migrants, but is only through our collective action that we will reach our aspirations’, Delfin said.

Tina Cabrera of Filguys Association, another organizer, concluded with an invitation, ‘High five on our 5! See you on November 10!’
另一位組織者,Filguys Association的 Tina Cabrera最後作出邀請,’High five on our 5! See you on November 10!’

Among the major organizers of HK Migrants Pride 2019 are, auto8a, PrintHow, Filipino Migrant Workers’ Union (FMWU), United Filipinos in Hong Kong (UNIFIL-Migrante-HK), LIKHA Filipino Migrants Cultural Organization, ORGANIC Cultural Organization, and The SHARE HK.
香港移工嬌傲日2019的籌辦組織,除了發起的Gabriela Hong Kong,Filipino Lesbians Organization/,Filguys Gabriela Association,更有支持的,auto8a,PrintHow,Filipino Migrant Workers’ Union (FMWU),United Filipinos in Hong Kong (UNIFIL-Migrante-HK),LIKHA Filipino Migrants Cultural Organization,ORGANIC Cultural Organization,及SHARE HK.


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