堅守全人共享的權利與福利: 不要以『休息日留在僱主家中』來針對性排斥不同種族移民家務工

Uphold rights and welfare of all:

Do not single out Foreign Domestic Workers in “stay home on rest day” call



The International Migrants Alliance – Hong Kong and Macau Chapter (IMA-HKM) calls on the Hong Kong Government to withdraw the announcement made by the Hong Kong Labour Department appealing to foreign domestic workers “to stay home on their rest day to safeguard their personal health and to reduce the risk of the novel coronavirus in the community.” Unless the government is telling everyone to remain at home, there is no need to single-out foreign domestic workers (FDWs). It is unfair, unjust and discriminatory.


For the IMA, such a statement from the Hong Kong government is insulting and dangerous because it sends a strong but wrong signal to the Hong Kong public that FDWs are careless about their personal health and have no regard for the health of their employers and their families.


Since the announcement, the IMA, through its member organizations in Hong Kong and Macau, has received reports from FDWs that:


  • Last Sunday, February 2, many employers have denied FDWs of their rest day, some were even threatened with contract termination should the latter insist to go out to take their rest day;

  • 上星期日,22日,許多僱主拒絕移工的休息日,有些更被恐嚇如堅持於休息日外出,則會被中止僱傭合約;

  • Some FDWs were required by their employers to immediately take a bath, hand-wash their cloths and use alcohol all over their bodies for sanitation immediately after they arrived in the house from taking their rest day;

  • 有些移工被僱主要求在休息日外出回家時,立即洗澡、手洗所穿著的衣物、及以酒精作全身消毒;

  • Some FDWs were required to clean the house more often as part of extra hygiene measures making FDWs more exposed to harmful chemical cleaning agents;

  • 有些移工被要求加強特別衛生措施去更頻繁清潔全屋,令到移工更暴露於有害的化學清潔劑之中;

  • Because their employers did not provide, some FDWs were forced to buy protective materials such as face masks, alcohol or hand sanitisers, anti-bacterial handwash, and Vitamin C for their own use, resulting to financial burden due to these materials’ extremely high cost.

  • 因為僱主並無提供,有些移工迫於自行購買他們所需的防護物資,如口罩、酒精搓手消毒液、殺菌搓手液及維他命C,導致他們需承受因這些物資的高昂價格而來的經濟負擔。

To add to these problems, the travel ban to Hong Kong imposed by the Philippines government has caused Filipino domestic workers who are currently in vacation to be stranded. They express fear of job loss should their employers decide to terminate their contract if the FDWs could not return to Hong Kong soon.


Time and again, FDWs have proven that they are responsible, mature and caring members of the Hong Kong society. During the SARS outbreak in 2003, FDWs still managed to go out during their days off observing precautionary measures such as wearing facemasks and avoiding crowded areas. Even during this time, many FDWs who go out on their days off would spend time purchasing face masks and alcohol for their personal use. Many of the organisations have already cancelled activities too in line with the government’s call to avoid converging in large crowds. We in the migrant community are aware of the seriousness of the problem and are observing responsible steps.


We believe that the FDWs and their employers are looking after one another’s health and safety during these dire times.


Instead of promoting steps that will further violate our rights, The Labour Department and the HKSAR government should ensure that FDWs are accorded with the same level of protection with the rest of the population.


Thus, the IMA-HKM calls on the Hong Kong government to:

  • Immediately withdraw the discriminatory advisory of the Labour Department singling out FDWs and unfairly suggesting that they “stay at home” on their rest day;

  • 立即取消勞工處個別針對移工呼籲他們於休息日留在僱主家中的公佈;

  • Issue an advisory for employers reminding them to provide their domestic workers with free protective materials such as face masks, vitamin C, alcohol-based sanitizing gel or spray;

  • 向僱主發出指引提醒他們為家務工免費提供防護物資,如口罩、維他命C、酒精消毒液或噴霧;

  • Remind employers to provide their FDWs with sufficient rest and nutritious food so they will not get sick;

  • 提醒僱主讓移工可有足夠休息和有營養的食物使他們不會染病;

  • Ensure that advisories and public information regarding 2019-nCoV are made available in different languages for the benefit of everyone including ethnic minority communities;

  • 確保有關2019年新冠狀病毒的指引及公佈會以不同的語言發出惠及包括不同少數族裔的所有人。

  • Ensure adequate supply of face masks, alcohol and hand sanitisers, and vitamin C to Hong Kong households including their domestic workers; and

  • 確保充足的口罩、酒精、消毒搓手液及維他命C供應給包括他們的移工的香港家庭;

  • Create special hotline (messaging and voice call) for FDWs and other ethnic minorities for their inquiries, request for assistance and filing of complaints.

  • 為移工及其他不同少數族裔開設訊息及直接通的求特別熱線,接受他們的咨詢、要求及投訴。

To Consulates of migrant-sending countries:


  • For the Philippine government to exempt migrant workers, residents and students enrolled in Hong Kong’s universities in its travel ban to Hong Kong and Macau; and


  • To provide free protective materials such as face masks, alcohol-based sanitizing gel or spray, and vitamin C to its nationals in Hong Kong specially the FDWs.

  • 各領事館應為其在港的國民提供免費的防護物資,如口罩、酒精消毒液或噴霧及維他命C等。


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