2020香港「億萬人起動」On the occasion of One Billion Rising Hong Kong 2020

On the occasion of One Billion Rising Hong Kong 2020

Rise in solidarity to end modern day slavery and neoliberal attacks to workers and people of Hong Kong


The global campaign of One Billion Rising (OBR) Hong Kong 2020 pursues as women migrants and locals raise the vibes to end all forms of violence and exploitation against women specially in the time of the novel coronavirus (COVID-2019).
即使在新型冠狀病毒肆虐之下,香港工人和外籍家務工站起來,參與全球「億萬人起動-2020」(One Billion Rising, OBR)運動,對抗一切形式針對女性的暴力和剝削。

When the news of the COVID-2019 outbreak came to the fore, the goals of our campaign have become clearer in line with advancing the health system of our society in which women play a major role. During these trying times, we have implemented creative procedures on pushing our campaign while we are on alert and health on our focus.

Wearing masks and bearing placards with the OBR campaign’s calls, hundreds of domestic workers from different migrant groups, alliances, and federations from Philippines and Indonesia, simultaneous small scale programs were held for the Filipinos last week and the Indonesians will be holding it this coming Sunday.

Then and now, there is worsening poverty, no living wage for all, racial and gender discrimination, sexual exploitation, modern day slavery and social exclusion. The virus outbreak has worsened our objective conditions as women become more vulnerable.

Unemployment for Hong Kong people has increased. Migrants face greater uncertainty in their employment and working conditions. With overseas Filipino workers (OFWS) in particular, President Duterte’s imposition of blanket travel ban made matters worse as hundreds of Hong Kong-based OFWs are in peril of losing their jobs.

The Asian Migrants Coordinating Body (AMCB) and the International Migrants Alliance Hong Kong and Macau chapter (IMA-HKM) criticized and deemed unfair and discriminatory the move of the Hong Kong government to urge foreign domestic workers to spend their only day-off at home instead of ensuring their health together with the rest of the Hong Kong society.
亞洲移住人士聯盟(The Asian Migrants Coordinating Body, AMCB)及國際移民聯盟-香港及澳門分部( International Migrants Alliance Hong Kong and Macau chapter, IMA-HKM)譴責香港政府要求外籍家務工假日留在僱主家中,而非提供支援保障他們的健康。這是歧視和不公平的。

Situation of Women in Hong Kong

Around 54% of Hong Kong’s 7.5 million are comprised of women and a home to 380,000 foreign domestic workers—exploited, abused, and oppressed by a system that is faithful to neoliberal policies that puts profit over people.

Considering the annual inflation rate and the increasing cost of living in Hong Kong that impacts both migrants and Hong Kong people, the Hong Kong government remained deaf to our problems.

One out of 5 Hong Kong people lives below the poverty line. More than 70,000 households survive on less than HK$15 a meal. The disparity of rich and poor is at its widest. Exorbitant housing rates make it impossible for the grassroots section of the society to live in a decent house. The Standard Minimum Wage (SMW) remains at a low rate while migrant workers are receiving slave-like wages and are excluded in the SMW.

Discrimination to local grassroots women with Hong Kong’s structural inequalities disempowers women and obstructs them in their participation at all levels from home to society. This is true for household carers whose contributions are not recognized while migrant workers’ voices are unheard and their presence is made invisible.

The government refuses to address sexual abuse and violence as an issue with Hong Kong dubbed as one of the ‘safest’ places in the world. According to The Women’s Foundation (TWF), however, Hong Kong has the world’s highest rate of female homicide victims, A 2013 study by the Hong Kong Women’s Coalition on Equal Opportunities revealed that 90% of women who had been sexually assaulted chose not to report the incident. Women migrant workers are vulnerable in sexual, verbal, and physical abuse with the Mandatory Live-in Policy yet they fear termination and deportation when they file complaints.

End systemic violence in Hong Kong

Systemic violence against migrant women is alive in Hong Kong. The working and living conditions of migrants are tantamount to modern day slavery – long working hours, deprivation of rights, health deterioration, and increasing number of human trafficking. In addition to that, their own governments are perpetrators of forced migration and state exactions.

These violence and exploitation will not end if we do not raise the vibration and rise to call for an end.

One Billion Rising is a platform to expose through speeches, art works, dances, and songs the condition of all women suffering from all forms of violence and exploitation.

Hands joined, we call upon the Hong Kong government to:

1. Address the root cause of poverty. Implement significant measures to alleviate poverty.
1. 處理貧窮的根本原因,落實有效措施扶貧。

2.Implement a living wage for all. Review the statutory minimum wage and extend the labour policy to protect ‘part-time and casual’ workers.
2. 全面落實生活工資,檢視最低工資水平,將其適用範圍延伸至兼職工人和零散工。

3.Recognize home carers by providing social protection and access to sufficient public services for all people of Hong Kong.
3. 確認家務勞動者,為所有香港人提供社會保障和足夠的公共服務。

4.Protect women and children. Provide access to information and services to end all forms of violence against women and children.
4. 保護女性和兒童,公開信息,提供措施打擊針對女性和兒童的一切暴力。

5.Recognize domestic work as work. Scrap all discriminatory policies against migrants. Establish a migrants’ committee and set a regular consultation with the migrant unions and associations.
5. 承認家務勞動是工作,取消所有針對移民工的歧視性政策。成立移民工委員會,定期諮詢移民工會和組織。

This year’s theme, “Raise the Vibration, Rise in Solidarity! Rise to End Fascism, Repression, and War!” encompasses our fight against modern-day slavery and exploitation perpetuated by neoliberal globalization. It is jointly organized by International Migrants Alliance -Hongkong & Macau, Asian Migrants Coordinating Body, Gabriela Hong Kong Alliance of Filipino Women, Hongkong Women Workers Association, Women Festival, migrants solidarity committee of autonomous 8a, Association for the Advancement of Feminism, Reel Women, Resolve Foundation & Migrants Pride committee.
今年的主題「提升振奮、結連共行!起來結束法西斯主義、壓迫和戰爭!」承載了我們對全球新自由主義現代奴役和剝削的反抗。是次活動由國際移民聯盟-香港及澳門分部、亞洲移住人士聯盟、Gabriela香港菲律賓女性聯盟、香港婦女勞工協會、女人節、自治八樓移工共行委員會、新婦女協進會、女影香港、Resolve Foundation及移工驕傲遊行籌委會共同舉辦。

February 14 and 16 actions have been cancelled due to the virus outbreak and health advisories. We will recover and gear up for a bigger action as we celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8 for the Women’s March and Forum in City Hall Grounds, Central.


註1: 政府統計處︰"香港的女性及男性-主要統計數字" 2019年版

註2: 香港政府 “2018年香港貧窮情況報告" ,2019年12月13日公佈

註3:香港樂施會2018年9月發表 “香港不平等報告"指出,香港2016年堅尼系數達到0.539,是45年來的新高





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