HK women and lesbian migrant groups denounce unlawful arrest of PH Pride protesters 香港婦女及女同志移民群體譴責菲律賓當局非法拘捕驕傲遊行示威者


FILGUYS Association Hong Kong (FILGUYS HK) and Filipino Lesbians Organization (FILO HK) under the banner of GABRIELA Hong Kong, condemn the arrest of 20 individuals who led and participated in the Pride is a Protest march on June 26, 2020.

菲律賓移工組織GABRIELA Hong Kong的兩個成員團體FILGUYS HK及菲律賓女同志組織(FILO HK)譴責針對2020626日菲律賓驕傲抗議遊行的20名帶領及參與者的拘捕。


While the protesters followed physical distancing and other health protocols during the action, the police still dispersed the protest action and arrested the protesters claiming that the latter violated laws.


This is the latest in a series of attacks against the Filipino people perpetrated by the Duterte regime. Just recently, seven Lumads were arrested in their homes. The arresting officers, composed of members of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group, Armed Forces of the Philippines, and Philippine National Police, presented no warrants.


This is the context before the anti-terror bill becomes effective. What happens once the controversial bill is enacted will only worsen the current situation.


We demand for the immediate release of Pride 20, where three of them are GABRIELA national office staff, Including Joan Salvador,deputy secretary general,Liw Estavillo and Dimple Paz Bonganay. Pride is indeed a protest, and we will continue to protest until unjust structures that perpetuate patriarchy, misogyny, and other forms of oppression are a thing of the past.

 我們要求立即釋放被捕的「驕傲20同志」,其中3人是GABRIELA全國辦公室職員,包括:副秘書長Joan Salvador、Liw Estavillo及Dimple Paz Bonganay。驕傲遊行確實是抗議行動,我們會繼續抗議直至延續父權、仇視及貶抑女性以及一切其他形式壓迫的不公社會結構成為過去。







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