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她說CIC中的女性被羈留者們經常被懲罰,「這裡有太多規則,他們只管逼迫我們服從規則,但有時甚至每一個職員都有其各自一套規則,根本難以聽從所有規則,於是不停被懲罰。」她說甚至試過僅僅只是某職員叫她的號碼(每一個被羈留者在CIC內被以號碼稱呼),她剛好在想事情而沒有立刻回應職員,因此被懲罰做清潔。她說另一位女性被羈留者只是因為綁頭髮的方式不符合某職員的要求,而被指罵良久,她忍不住回了一句「Shut up」,結果被關了七日禁閉。



繪畫 / 青風

文字 / 野枝

▍"They just force us to obey all the rules"

The day I saw P for the first time was the day after the first confirmed case of Covid-19 was discovered in the Castle Peak Bay Immigration Centre (CIC). I brought some disinfectant wipes to her, but was told that each detainee can only receive three packs of wipes (10 pieces per pack) per month. P has received them once this month, and the immigration officer said that she has to wait until next month. I asked P, have the epidemic prevention measures in CIC been strengthened? She said no, “The toilet is never clean. Everything is wet. The sewage flows from the toilet to the ground, sometimes on the floor where we are sitting…" She was very worried.

P said that the cleaners working inside were very old, generally over 60 years old, and that they simply couldn’t handle such a dirty job. P said that she had tried to ask the officer for a toilet brush and wanted to clean the toilet by herself, but the officer only gave her two toothbrushes. She complained, and then more than 20 officers came to surround her and sent her to the doctor saying that she was acting furious. However, the doctor did not make any diagnosis and put her in the isolation room straight away. The isolation room is very small, less than three meters wide, no windows, no fans and has a foul smell. It seemed that this room had never been cleaned, and she was not even allowed to wear shoes. They only gave her a small and smelly blanket that made her skin itchy. She just wanted to clean the toilet, but ended up being locked inside an isolation room. She was angry and continued to complain to the high-level officer until she was able to leave the isolation room. Later, I heard similar things from other visitors. Another male detainee from Nigeria also asked an officer for a toilet brush, and also received two toothbrushes.

P said that female detainees in CIC are frequently punished. “There are too many rules here, they just force us to obey all the rules, but even every officer has his/her own set of rules. It is difficult to follow all the rules, so we are being punished constantly.” Once she got punished for cleaning, just because she didn’t immediately respond to an officer calling her number, when she was in her own thoughts and also surrounded by a lot of noise. P said that another female detainee was shouted at for a long time because the way her hair was tied did not meet the requirements of a certain officer. She couldn’t help it and replied “Shut up" and was then locked in an isolation room for seven days.

P is from Tanzania. She spent a few years in a prison in Hong Kong before being sent directly to CIC. She said that this is the worst place she has ever stayed in.“They took everything from me, they keep us here and make us hopeless. I felt that I could still be strong, to stand up for myself. I am worried for those who are unable to stand up for themselves.”

4 September 2020

Drawing by 青風

Text by Noe










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