Statement of International Migrants Alliance 國際移民聯盟聲明: Fight for Our Rights, Dignity and the Well-Being of All 為我們的權利,尊嚴和所有人的福祉而戰

Fight for Our Rights, Dignity and the Well-Being of All 為我們的權利,尊嚴和所有人的福祉而戰

Build a New World Order on the Foundations of Justice and Solidarity 在正義與結連共行的基礎上建立新的世界秩序

Statement of International Migrants Alliance 國際移民聯盟聲明

On the Commemoration of International Migrant Day 2020 紀念2020年國際移民日

In commemoration of International Migrants Day, the International Migrants Alliance (IMA) calls on all migrants, refugees and their families to unite and fight for our rights, dignity and the well-being of all. The still uncontrolled coronavirus pandemic continues to take its toll in terms of lost lives and livelihoods the world over, compounding the ravages inflicted on the people by imperialist plunder, exploitation, and war. As the world is placed under lockdown, migrant workers and students, migrants in transit and in camps, refugees and other displaced persons have been trapped in even more vulnerable situations.

為了紀念國際移民日,國際移民聯盟(IMA)呼籲所有移民,難民及其家庭連結起來共行,為我們的權利,尊嚴和所有人的福祉而鬥爭。 仍然不受控制的冠狀病毒大流行繼續令全世界人民的生命和生計造成巨大損失,加劇了帝國主義掠奪,剝削和戰爭對人民造成的破壞。 由於世界處於封鎖之下,移徙工人和學生,過境和營地中的移徙者,難民和其他流離失所者被困在更加脆弱的境地。

Because of our legal status and occupations, we are at higher risk of contracting and transmitting the coronavirus. We have seen this in the COVID-19 outbreaks in dormitories in Singapore, the  Maldives and the Gulf, slaughterhouses and meatpacking plants in the United States and Germany, Canadian farms, detention centres in Malaysia, and camps for displaced persons in Greece and Bangladesh and of migrants in Mesoamerica and South América.

由於我們的法律地位和職業,我們更容易感染和傳播冠狀病毒。 我們在新加坡,馬爾代夫和中東海灣地區的宿舍,美國和德國的屠宰場和肉類加工廠,加拿大的農場,馬來西亞的拘留中心以及希臘和孟加拉的被迫移徙者,和中美洲和南美洲的移民營地中的冠狀病毒暴發中看到這一點。

Despite this, we are often last in the line to receive medical attention or health services, if we even have access to health facilities at all. While we are denied our fundamental human right to health, racist and xenophobic acts against us are mounting as migrants are scapegoated as carriers of the virus or as freeloaders on public services that have been stretched thin by decades of neoliberal cutbacks and privatisation.

儘管如此,即使我們有機會使用醫療服務,我們常都是被排在最後一位接受醫療或保健服務的。 儘管我們被剝奪了享有健康的基本人權,但針對移民的種族主義和仇外行為卻日趨嚴重,移民被說成是病毒帶菌者或搭便車搶奪公共資源,但實在只是數十年的新自由主義削資和私有化的代罪羔羊。

While we are last in line to health care, we are first in line to joblessness. Strict lockdown measures implemented by many governments have had a bigger impact on sectors that rely more on migrant labour such as transportation, shipping, tourism, gastronomy, hospitality, domestic service, retail, construction and agriculture. Many temporary visa holders such as students have also lost their means of financial support. But lockdowns and border closures have left thousands stranded, unable to support themselves where they are and unable to go home. Yet they are also denied government assistance due to their migratory status. As a result, many of us have fallen into destitution, forced to rely on charity for our basic needs, or forced to accept even more exploitative work conditions just to survive.

雖然我們在醫療保健方面排在最後,但在失業方面卻排在第一位。 許多政府實施的嚴格封鎖措施對運輸,運輸,旅遊,美食,酒店,家務工,零售,建築和農業等更多依賴移民勞動力的行業產生了巨大影響。 許多臨時簽證持有人,例如學生,也失去了經濟支持的手段。 但是封鎖和封閉邊界使數千人陷入困境,無法在自己所處的地方自給自足,也無法回家。 然而,由於移民身份,他們也被政府援助所拒絕。 結果,我們許多人陷入了貧困,被迫依靠慈善援助來滿足我們的基本需求,或甚至被迫接受更的剝削性工作條件以求生存。

But the abuse and exploitation experienced by migrants and refugees are not merely the result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Indeed, the ongoing health and economic crisis triggered by the coronavirus is once again demonstrating how migrant labour is a form of flexible labour that has become a vital tool of monopoly capital for propping up the rate of profit as well as for managing capitalist crises, especially in the era of neoliberalism. During economic expansions, hiring migrant labour helps counter the tendency for wages to rise as the labour market tightens in particular industries, sectors or the economy as a whole. During downturns such as the current one triggered by COVID-19, migrant workers can be even more useful to capital – best of all the undocumented workers. They can be easily laid-off, deported or retained but under highly exploitative and abusive conditions. Again, capitalists save on having to pay separation benefits, unemployment insurance, and so on.

但是,移民和難民遭受的侵犯和剝削不僅僅是冠狀病毒2019大流行的結果。 確實,由冠狀病毒引發的持續健康和經濟危機再次證明,特別是在新自由主義時代,移民工這零散勞動力的形式,已成為壟斷性資本提高利潤率以及管控資本主義危機的重要工具。 在經濟擴張期間,僱用移民工人有助於抵消由於特定行業,部門或整個經濟的勞動力市場緊縮而導致工資上漲的趨勢。 在低迷時期,就如因冠狀病毒2019所引發的當下,移民工人對資本的作用甚至更大——而當中的無證件工人更是最可被利用的。 他們易被解僱、被驅逐出境、或在高度剝削和虐待的情況下被留用。 同時,資本家亦省去了支付離職福利,失業保險等的費用。

Meanwhile, labour exporting countries, long plundered and underdeveloped by imperialism, are left to cope with higher unemployment and lower remittances, lower revenues, and deeper indebtedness. Repatriated migrants join the swollen ranks of the unemployed while those who manage to find new jobs abroad are targets for mandatory fees to refill the government’s dwindling coffers.

同時,勞工輸出國在長期被帝國主義掠奪和低度發展後,卻只可自行應更高的失業率和更低的匯款,更低的收入以及更深的債務。 被遣返的移民工加入日益膨脹的失業隊伍,而那些能夠在國外找到新工作的移民工則成為強制性費用的目標,以補充政府日益減少的金庫。

But migrants also demonstrate the unbreakable bonds between the peoples’ of the world. Migrants are at the frontlines of providing care to the ill and dying. In the advanced capitalist countries, one out of five health care workers is a migrant. While the world’s population seek shelter in their homes, migrant labourers continue to toil in the fields, deliver food and essential goods, care for the children, clean the houses and maintain the infrastructure that has kept us alive. Their remittances continue to sustain domestic consumption in labour exporting countries, keeping households and the economy afloat.

但是移民工也證明了世界各國人民之間牢不可破的聯繫。 移徙者處於為患病者和垂死者提供照護的最前線。 在巳發展的資本主義國家,五個健康照護工作者中就有一個是移民工。 在全世界的人都在家中避疫的時候,移民工繼續在田間勞動,派遞食物和必需品,照顧兒童,打掃房屋並維持使我們賴以生存的基礎服務。 他們的匯款繼續維持勞工輸出國的國內消費,使家庭和經濟保持穩定。

The COVID-19 pandemic is a jarring reminder that we need a new social and economic system where labour is employed to ensure the needs of all, continuously enhance the people’s well-being, and care for the environment instead of merely enriching the few. It reminds us that those who benefit from the existing system – the monopoly capitalist elite and the governments that serve them – are the principal obstacles to our vision of a just new world order.

冠狀病毒2019大流行提醒人們,我們需要一種新的社會和經濟體系,在這種體系中,勞動應用於確保所有人的需要,持續改善人民的福祉並關心環境,而不僅僅是使少數人富裕。 它提醒我們,那些受益於現有體系的人——壟斷資本主義精英和為之服務的政府——是我們對公義的世界秩序的願景的主要障礙。

Instead of prioritizing public health measures and social welfare, many governments have adopted a militarized response to the pandemic – even using the pandemic as pretext to suppress dissent and curtail civic liberties. They are harassing and intimidating human rights defenders, censoring journalists and media, using excessive force and jailing street and informal traders and protestors without trial, weaponizing the law against migrants and their critics and ramping up spending on the military and state security apparatus. Some are deploying state security or paramilitary forces to conduct extra-judicial executions.

許多政府沒有優先考慮公共衛生措施和社會福利,而是採取了軍事化措施應對這大流行,甚至以大流行為借口來壓制異議和壓制公民自由。 他們騷擾和恐嚇人權捍衛者,審查新聞記者和媒體,過度使用武力,未經審訊就囚禁街頭和非正式商販和抗議者,使針對移民及批評者的法律成為武器,並增加了在軍事和國家安全機構的開支。 有些更動用國家安全或準軍事部隊進行法外處決。

At the same time, monopoly capitalists are using the COVID crisis as an opportunity to grab more subsidies (corporate bailouts) from the public treasury and adopt new means for extracting more superprofits from the exploitation and oppression of working people. These include the use of new technologies such as advanced robotics, artificial intelligence, the internet of things and digital platforms for monitoring and controlling how we work, how we buy, how we move, how we socialize and how we think. This is their idea of “building back a better world.”

同時,壟斷性資本家正在利用冠狀病毒危機作為機會,從公共財政中獲得更多補貼(企業救助),更以新的手段從對工人的剝削和壓迫中搾取更多的超額利潤。 其中包括使用新技術(例如先進的機器人技術,人工智能,物聯網和網電子網絡平台)來監視和控制我們的工作方式,購買方式,移動方式,社交方式和思維方式。 這就是他們「重建更美好世界」的想法。

The International Migrants Alliance calls on all migrants and refugees, in host countries and countries of origin, to defend our dignity and assert our rights amidst the global pandemic and its aftermath. We must strengthen our unity and resolve to stop discrimination and violence against migrants; end criminalization and brutal crackdowns targeting migrants; stop targeted raids and deportations of migrant workers involved in trade union or political activities; demand the safe repatriation of migrants stranded on land and at sea the same as well the immediate and conditionless regularization of undocumented migrants.

國際移民聯盟呼籲東道國和原籍國的所有移民和難民在全球疫情大流行及之後捍衛我們的尊嚴並維護我們的權利。 我們必須加強連結,並堅決製止對移民的歧視和暴力; 結束針對移民的罪犯化和殘酷鎮壓; 停止針對性的突擊和驅逐參與工會或政治活動的移民工; 要求將滯留在陸上和海上的移民安全遣返,並立即無條件地合法化無證移民。

We must raise awareness among migrants and people about the roots of forced migration, exploitation, discrimination and war – the system of monopoly capital or imperialism itself. We must continue to organize our ranks and build our movement. We must strengthen solidarity with peoples’ organizations, unions, and movements, who are also confronting imperialists’ numerous machinations.

我們必須提高移民和人民對被迫移徙,剝削,歧視和戰爭根源的認識,以至壟斷性資本或帝國主義本身的製度。 我們必須繼續組織我們的隊伍並建立我們的運動。 我們必須加強與群眾組織,工會和運動的連結,這些組織,工會和運動也正面臨著帝國主義者的無數陰謀。

It is through our continuing struggles that we build our collective strength so that we can ultimately demolish the monopoly capitalist international system and build a new world order on the foundations of justice and solidarity.


On the occasion of International Migrants’ Day, the Asian Migrants’ Coordinating Body (AMCB-IMA) will hold an online press conference on 18 December 2020 from 10:00 to 11:00AM to discuss the pressing issues of MDWs* and the recent COVID-19 cases, where migrant workers tested positive. With what is happening now, migrant workers have once again been subjected to discrimination, exclusion, and stigmatization.

在國際移民日,亞洲移住人士聯盟(Asian Migrants’ Coordinating Body (AMCB))於2020年12月18日上午10時至11時舉行了網上傳媒招待會,會中討論了移工*們在近日有移工確診感染冠狀病毒2019後所面對的緊迫問題。現時所發生的是,移工們又一次被歧視、排斥及污名化。

Here is the link to join the online press conference:



* hong kong people were used to call “migrant domestic workers of different ethnicities (mdw)" as “foreign servants", while the hong kong government uses “foreign domestic helpers (fdh)". however, we think that, quite a lot of them had been labouring for hong kong for years, they were and are crucial members of the working people of hong kong, such contribution to hong kong and its economical development should not be discounted.  those names are carrying unnecessary exclusion and segregation of who’s in and who’s out.  therefore we had chosen to talk of them as migrant domestic workers of different ethnicities (mdw), to express our vision of solidarity of the working peoples.  let it be told and be heard.



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