CIC關注組:絕食者們 第178天

轉自:CIC關注組 CIC concern group
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絕食者們 第178天
Shah, Vikramjeet, Salman
於本週三(23/12/2020) 他們決定上訴,並於晚餐時間開始進食。職員表示他們仍需要於CIC醫療房留多一週才會轉入普通羈留房。
到目前為止(24/12/2020) 他們仍未收到法庭判決的正式文件,亦沒有收到上訴表格。
關注組成員W 說「我們非常專敬你們,亦會無論如何支持你們的決定,謝謝你一直的受苦和堅忍。」

Day 178: Hunger Strikers’ update
Shah, Vikramjeet and Salman

  • The CIC officers told the hunger strikers on Monday (21/12/2020) that Salman had lost his court case and that the decision was final—there will be no bailout—and then asked if they wanted to appeal.
  • On Wednesday (23/12/2020) the hunger strikers applied for a court appeal.
  • At dinner time, after deliberating, the hunger strikers decided to eat again.
  • The officers said that they will need to stay in the CIC hospital room for another week before they can join the other detainees.
  • Until 24/12/2020 the hunger strikers still had not officially received the court’s decision, or received the appeal application forms.
    Shah said to us, “178 days of hunger striking is too much, I am sorry [for stopping the hunger strike]”. A member of the concern group said, “We respect and support your decision, thank you for your determination and suffering”.
    We would like to show our biggest respect to these detainees who have endured great suffering and persistence in this fight for freedom. Please continue to show concern and support the detainees inside CIC in this fight for FREEDOM!


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