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轉自:CIC Detainees’ Rights Concern Group

178日絕食行動以後,前絕食者的情況未見改善,依然在無了期地等待CIC Case Officers(個案工作員)聯絡他們,數月仍不得羈留覆檢。CIC 其他情況有所改善:

1. 沒有犯罪記錄的新羈留者大約一週可獲釋,不似早前需羈留長達數月;

2. 鼠患改善;

3. 肩上有三花的總主任及羈留所醫生有改善;

4. 醫療室終於有床和被。


CIC Updates

After 178-day hunger strike, nothing has changed for some strikers that we visited. Some are still waiting endlessly to meet their case officers and they are not getting their detention review form for months.

Changes that have happened in CIC:

1) New detainees who have no criminal record are now getting released after around seven days, and not several months as they were before.

2) There are less rats inside CIC now.

3) Superintendent, chief officers with three stars on their shoulder and a doctor now have a better attitude toward detainees;

4) The hospital room now has mattresses and blankets.

One of the hunger strikers said to us recently, “Even if the hunger strike did not help myself, if it helped my brothers, I’m still glad that I did it”.

Photo credit: Hill Chan


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