Online Rally – AMCB-IMA HK &Macau Stop Accusing Migrant Domestic Workers as Job Hopper 網上集會:亞洲移住人士聯盟(國際移民聯盟-香港及澳門分部成員組織) 停止指控移民家務工「跳工」

in response to the continuous accusation of the migrant domestic workers as “Job Hoppers” by the Immigration Department and some of the Politicians, the Asian Migrants Coordinating Body held an Online Protest Action to denounce the accusation on 31 March 2021.



besides the speeches of the organisers and sharings of support from people and organisations, there were also 2 testimonies from the workers accused and affected:


“I am Cherry from the Philippine. I came to Hong Kong as a domestic worker for the first time in January 2021, which is also the first time I came to Hong Kong. Due to my family needs, I decided to work abroad, hoping to support my child and my family. During my employment, I was denied of day-offs and the argument on day-offs was also the leading cause of my contract termination. I was lucky to find a new employer and applied for a new working VISA on 22 February, 2021. Unfortunately, I received from the Immigration Department a reply telling me that my VISA was refused. I wonder why my VISA was refused, since I was terminated only once, so I cannot be accused of Job Hopping.”


“I am an Indonesian migrant worker. I worked at my employer’s house from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. I had to massage my employer’s parents 2-3 times per day. I also have to go to the market every day even though there is a CoViD-19 pandemic outbreak in that market, I have never been given a mask by my employer and have to buy it myself. I have been given it only once. I terminated my contract with my employer in November and left my employer’s house on 27 November. After terminating my work contract, I was supported by the Mission for Migrant Workers to stay in a hostel and was assisted by an agency to find an employer. I got the first employer, but the first employer did not seem to process my papers correctly, so I looked for the second employer. With the second employer, I submitted my VISA application on 11 January. But on 18 February, Immigration told me that there were 2 applications and had to cancel one. On the morning of 19 February, I canceled the first application, and on the afternoon of 19 February, I received the news that my Work VISA application was rejected and I did not get a Work VISA. I asked Immigration why I was not given a VISA? Immigration said that my employer called Immigration and said that I was not doing well and that I had changed employers. Then I had to take time to explain to Immigration and provide information on why I had terminated the work contract, with the working conditions, and with long working hours. Even then, the employer still accused me of shopping for my own food with the shopping money given by my employer. Immigration refused my VISA and I had to go back to Indonesia. There I felt confused and did not know what to do. I was the backbone of my family and I still had one child, who I still had to pay for school. So I hope in the future, the Immigration would not only listen to one party, for example, from the employer. Why does Immigration not listen to the migrant workers on why have they ended their work contract? I was living in the hostel for almost 3 months without work. I had to wait for a VISA and while waiting for my VISA, I could not work. In the end, I was rejected and had to return to Indonesia.”




link to the video recording of the Online Rally:



link to the statement by the Asian Migrants Coordinating Body:




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